July 24, 2005

Ganji's Letter to Ayatholah Montazeri, webgardian

Ganji is on hunger strike for 42 consecutive days now and he is in hospital. He wrote a letter to the most important religious opposition personality Ayatholah Montazeri. I just mention key topics in his letter(key topics according to me!):
Judge Mortazavi,general Prosecutor of Theran, told Ganji in hospital: Your death is 100% positive for Islamic Republic! But if you die in prison then foreign countries will do a lot of noise about it. Then it will be 50-50 for us. We moved you in hospital that you die here.
In another part of letter Ganji said Mortazavi has told media that Ganji's wife and friends force him to continue huger strike!!! Ganji added that I.R. want to make him killed and blamed his family and friends for that. Same friends and family who beg him to stop his hunger strike.

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